Why should you buy your jewelry online?

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Why should you buy your jewelry online?

The days of having to go to a jewelry store to buy the highest quality of jewelry are definitely gone. Now you can get the same quality if not the exact same design right from your home. Are you wary about buying such expensive items online? Here are reasons why so many people are choosing to shop online for jewelry:

Much cheaper to buy jewelry online

The main reason will be the price, you are paying exceptionally less than buying it directly from a retail store. We just don’t have the same operating cost as a physical retail store do. So what we do to with all the savings? Well, of course we pass them along to our customers! That’s how we can offer low prices for the same quality of product.

Yes you would need to wait a week to a few weeks for your item (depending on location), but if you are not in a hurry to get this, why pay upwards of 1000% for your jewelry that is going to seat in your jewelry box anyways?

The 50% Off Sale & Huge Sales at Jewelry Stores are not really sales. If you see a sale price in the newspaper flyers, don’t fall for it. You will probably pay much more than the original price. We know of some major stores in the mall that prior to a sale, marked up diamond rings double or triple the normal selling price, then marked them half-price during a sale. That means the customer paid even more for their ring, thinking it was a great price!

If you find a jewelry piece at a physical jewelry store that is same price as us, then you definately not paying for the same quality as our jewelry.

Large selection of jewelry designs

A retail jewelry store only has limited amount of inventory and space to hold their products, but this is not the case for online stores. Online stores have endless amount of designs, price ranges and even custom pieces to personalize your own jewelry.

Most retail jewelry stores only keep in stock pieces that are sure sells, so if you are looking for something unique then shopping is definitely the way you should go. We source our products from many different designers and manufacturers so our selection is much more unique and lot more variety, we have pieces range from casual everyday jewelry to beautiful designer fine jewelry sets.

Less Pressure

A lot of times when you go to a jewelry store, you get a pushy sales person trying to convince you to purchase a jewelry piece even though you are not entirely sure you want it.

Their sales staff are trained to push customers to spend more money and upsell them products they weren’t plan on getting in the first place. If you been to a physical store before, you definitely know what I am talking about, or even been one of the victim of this sales technique. Shopping online allows you to go at your own pace and stay within your own budget because no one is there to pressure you to buy a more expensive jewelry

Get a Second Opinion

You know how you always send links to your friends and family of things you love on social media? That’s not possible when you are in a retail store unless you really want to go around with your phone snapping photos while others watching you? Shopping online allows you to send links to your favorite jewelry and get feedback from your circle of friends.


Lets not forget how convenient it is to buy jewelry online compare to planning and take time out of your busy schedule to hop in a car and drive to a local jewelry store that may not even have the item you are looking for. Sounds familiar? Buying online means you can purchase a high quality piece of jewelry at the comfort of your own home, even in your favorite unicorn PJs! Plus you can shop online anytime of the day, and anywhere you are available even from your phone!

Convinced yet? Now get ready to start shopping online! Check out our large collection of Sterling Silver fine & casual jewelry, watches & accessories.

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