Magic Hair Bun Maker

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How to make a bun in 5 seconds? 

Daily bun
Step 1: In top layer of hair, spread hair between the magic hair set, then roll hair up.
Step 2: Bend ends down until they meet.
Step 3: Grasp bottom layer of hair into a pony tail, twist hair slightly to keep it tightly gathered.
Step4: Place gathered hair inside bun by wrapping ends of bun around pony tail.

European bun
Step 1: Open magic hair set and place at neck. Arrange hair across magic hair set, the pull down to bottom of hair.
Step 2: Hold both ends of the magic hair set and roll hair up until they meet. Slide hair to cover ends.

Choose the color of hair styling disk that match your hair color the closest or just similar

If you have a longer and thicker hair, two bun maker are more appropriate

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