How We Sell Our Jewelry And Watches At Such Low Prices?

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How We Sell Our Jewelry And Watches At Such Low Prices?

The answer is simple, jewelry and watches has one of the highest mark ups of all consumer items. Retailers mark up their prices by 300% up to 1000% on some items on brand name jewelry. When you pay $1000 for a jewelry piece you might actually just own a piece that is value at only $100. While 1000% might not be typical it’s not unheard of. Big brand names has insane mark ups. The question should be, is the name worth it? Who even know that you’re wearing a brand name jewelry? Most people usually comment on the look and design of the piece rather than who actually designed it.

Our jewelry & watches are actually same quality if not better than most of the brand names out there in our price range.

So why are we selling it so cheap?

We are selling direct from manufacturer to consumer. We don’t have the overhead cost of most the of retailers which requires a high market up to cover cost for their designers, expensive rent spaces and massive advertising budgets and keeping inventory at the shop. Therefore we can pass our low prices on to our customers. This is a win win for both of us.

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